Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland

Maryland has been a national leader in assessing its vulnerability to climate change and developing strategies that will reduce the severity of the changes, and their effects on the state. Public engagement is an important asset in these efforts. The Consortium supports the many state organizations – local and state governments, non-profits, businesses and universities – currently communicating about ways to prevent further climatic change, and prepare for the effects that are already manifest.

Recent Resources


April 2014 Message Toolkit

Very shortly, birds will be singing, days will be getting longer, and trees will be sending out buds and blossoms. It’s the time of year when many of us feel that familiar tickle in the back of our throats, signaling the beginning of allergy season. As the days become warmer, smog…


March 2014 Message Toolkit

This month we urge Marylanders to “Be Climate Ready” and become prepared for the effects of a changing climate, such as extreme rain events and flooding. Two local television meteorologists – and prominent climate change communicators — help us spread the word…


February 2014 Message Toolkit

A little imagination can go a long way. This month we are going to help Marylanders reimagine how to show their love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day by helping their loved ones save money, energy, and Maryland’s climate. Maryland’s tax-free weekend for many Energy Star products runs from February 15-17, providing another hook to attract Marylanders’ interest in February, and making energy-efficient…