Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland

Maryland has been a national leader in assessing its vulnerability to climate change and developing strategies that will reduce the severity of the changes, and their effects on the state. Public engagement is an important asset in these efforts. The Consortium supports the many state organizations – local and state governments, non-profits, businesses and universities – currently communicating about ways to prevent further climatic change, and prepare for the effects that are already manifest.


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Public Health, Energy and Climate Change

According to a survey by George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, in partnership with the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland, the vast majority of Marylanders understand the link between energy choices, climate change and public health and say they expect people’s health in their communities will be affected by climate change in the next several…

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Public Perceptions of Climate Change

The vast majority of Marylanders believe that climate change is happening, and that climate change should be a priority for the General Assembly and Governor, according to a new survey report released by the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland and George Mason University. “Public perceptions of climate change: A Maryland statewide survey” is one of…

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