We welcome the membership of all organizations working in Maryland to improve communication about the ways we can limit climate change, transition to clean energy, and prepare for unavoidable consequences of our changing climate.

Membership is conditional on: (1) agreement with the Consortium’s Guiding Principles (listed in the Apply Here tab); and (2) agreement to allow your organization’s name and logo to be posted on the Consortium’s member page online.

The Consortium holds monthly conference calls, and brings its membership together at quarterly meetings at locations around the state. We ask that you commit to participating regularly. If you would prefer instead to simply be kept informed of the Consortium’s activities, we also have a public listserv. You can sign up on the bottom of the home page.

To apply for membership, please fill out the application on the next tab. The Consortium’s Coordinating Committee regularly reviews applications on its monthly calls, after which you will be contacted. If you have any questions about the process, please contact us at sam@thehatchergroup.com.

The Consortium’s guiding principles highlight the beliefs and values that underpin the work of the statewide partnership. Consortium members agree that:

  1. Climate change is real, human-caused, and will be harmful for the state and its residents, but that options exist to both limit its impacts and prepare for those that are unavoidable;
  2. The Consortium will be transparent in its approach, by providing public access to the findings of its public opinion research;
  3. The Consortium will strive to engage the widest possible range of Maryland’s stakeholders in understanding and making informed decisions about individual, community, and state options for responding to climate change and meeting our energy needs;
  4. The Consortium will translate the complexities of climate change and energy issues into clear messages that are scientifically accurate and both understandable and helpful to citizens, community organizations, educators, business leaders, policy makers and elected officials;
  5. The positions of the Consortium on climate change will be based on the consensus of scientific evidence;
  6. The Consortium will cultivate organizational collaborations to strengthen the impact of our collective work.