Center for Climate Change Communication Research Team

The team conducts communication research on behalf of the Climate Communication Consortium of Maryland to help meet its goals for renewing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act and supporting the outreach and engagement efforts of its member organizations. The team assists the Consortium in meeting its objectives by 1) providing climate and energy public opinion research to inform the work of its member organizations, media, and policymakers, and 2) measuring changes in attitudes, behaviors, and policy support over time and as a result of specific communication initiatives.

Team Members

  • Karen Akerlof, PhD, George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication (Lead investigator)
  • Paul Delamater, PhD, George Mason University Dept. of Geography and Geoinformation Science
  • Cindy Parker, MD, MPH, & Peter Winch, MD, MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health
  • Kristin Baja, Office of Sustainability, City of Baltimore
  • Jennifer Dindinger & Krisztian Varsa, University of Maryland Extension

Research Advisory Panel

In order to ensure that Center’s research is aligned with Consortium member organization interests and goals, the research advisory panel includes at least one representative from the Coordinating Committee, and any number of Consortium members who would like to participate in the development of the studies and the distribution of the final data with wider audiences. The panel primarily focuses on selecting topical modules for the spring survey, and associated research questions, but also has opportunities to participate in the development of the other research components, such as the online message studies and in-depth interviews.

Panel Members

  • Tiffany Hartung, Maryland Climate Coalition
  •  James McGarry, CCAN
  •  Liz Entwisle, MDE
  • Allison Rich, MDEHN
  • Sean Williamson, EFC
  • Larissa Johnson, UMCES
  • Samantha Kappalman, The Hatcher Group
  • Cindy Parker & Peter Winch, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health