Mission & Principles

The Consortium’s mission is to broaden and deepen public engagement in climate change and energy issues across all of Maryland’s communities and sectors by encouraging and facilitating collaboration in the communication efforts of government agencies and elected officials, businesses, non-profit organizations, advocates and citizens.

To pursue this mission, the Consortium will:

  1. Conduct public opinion research to assess knowledge of Maryland’s climate and energy issues and options for dealing with those issues, and to identify public preferences for responses to those issues;
  2. Using the findings from public opinion research, develop clear messages and identify messengers to facilitate public engagement in those issues;
  3. Equip its members to use these messages to reach diverse audiences; and
  4. Distribute messages widely so that consistent climate change public engagement themes are heard across Maryland.

The Consortium’s guiding principles highlight the beliefs and values that underpin the work of the statewide partnership. Consortium members agree that:

  1. Climate change is real, human-caused, and will be harmful for the state and its residents, but that options exist to both limit its impacts and prepare for those that are unavoidable;
  2. The Consortium will be transparent in its approach, by providing public access to the findings of its public opinion research;
  3. The Consortium will strive to engage the widest possible range of Maryland’s stakeholders in understanding and making informed decisions about individual, community, and state options for responding to climate change and meeting our energy needs;
  4. The Consortium will translate the complexities of climate change and energy issues into clear messages that are scientifically accurate and both understandable and helpful to citizens, community organizations, educators, business leaders, policy makers and elected officials;
  5. The positions of the Consortium on climate change will be based on the consensus of scientific evidence;
  6. The Consortium will cultivate organizational collaborations to strengthen the impact of our collective work.