Patricia Delgado

Patricia Delgado is currently the director of the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary in Lothian, Maryland. In this capacity, and previously as the research coordinator of the Chesapeake Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in Maryland (CBNERR-MD), Delgado has studied the vulnerability of coastal resources, particularly wetlands, to climate change impacts and the development of science-based strategies for adaptation.

Delgado’s current work focuses on monitoring the impacts of sea-level rise — flooding and salinity intrusion — on species composition, and dominance in brackish and tidal fresh marshes as well as submerged aquatic vegetation. She also researches sedimentation dynamics in wetlands and their relationship to sea-level rise.

Delgado earned her doctorate degree at Louisiana State University. She is a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland where she lives with her husband and two sons.

More information about Patricia Delgado and other state experts on climate change can be found here. Photo credit: David Harp.